A Springtime Scavenger Hunt

If you have a young family or even a birthday party group needing directed outdoor activity here’s an idea I tried last month. For each child I prepared a flat cardboard box with their name and a list of the items to be scrounged. Because at 7, 6 and 5 years old, they couldn’t be expected to read all the words I attached a sample of each item beside its name on a large piece of cardboard.177

My instruction to the children was to place a small snipped sample of each listed plant in their own box and sent them off. I had listed commonly known plants from my garden but any list you create would work. Here is my list:

1. Cedar tree branch
2. Primula (primrose) flower
3. Ivy leaf
4. Parsley
5. Heather
6. Plant with yellow and green leaves
7. Privet (Boxwood) hedge
8. Alberta spruce
9. California redwood
10. Rhododendron leaf
11. Azalea leaf
12. Pine cone
13. Laurel leaf
14. Hydrangea flower
15. Camellia bud
16. Heavenly bamboo
17. Pine tree branch
18. Fir tree branch
19. Holly leaf
20. Bird’s nest

The last item was a trick question but one of the children rose to the bait and came indoors asking if anyone had seen a birds nest. My husband opined he had seen one lying around in the mud room. There they were in plain sight, and she found them – three nests that I had kept from last summer so each child could have one.

There are plenty of other ways to use this idea depending on your location beach, forest, garden, and of course the time of year. Whenever you have a group of active children needing a change of pace, and perhaps you need one too, give it a try.