Women and Male Friends

In the last chapter of the third book of the Floathouse Series, Lifelong Learning, I wrote of the importance of women having male friends.  Over a few short months I had lost some of them. My male friends had all been working with the public; we had been on the firing line of public opinion. “All five of these men supported me in my efforts and since the loss of four of them, I value my husband as a friend, even more.”

My husband is gone now but I have discovered some other male friends. Two of them were my husband’s friends who make a point of checking in and offering assistance should I need it. There is a tree man for tree advice, a gardener to do what I cannot do, and several men my husband relied on for financial investment ideas. I also have my book printer and my website designer, whom Dale had never met. These men are all happily settled in their own lives and I can count on them for the male perspective on many topics.

I Believe

            In my book I wrote, and still believe, “Men friends have much to teach and women can be well rewarded by respecting and enjoying those relationships. They can enrich our lives and provide a different perspective from the intimate male-female one that so often is the only view visible in a marriage.

            A male life partner can’t be expected to provide everything in that one relationship, and while women friends are desirable and to be cherished, they do not offer all the same aspects that friendship with a man can, and often does. I have been exceedingly fortunate.”

I repeat, women benefit widely by having a few male friends.