Today I am Very Thankful

When my eyes glanced away from a television ad last evening they were met with a glorious sunset. I took a photograph to share with you, and challenged myself to explain the reasons why I am so thankful for this life I enjoy.

            My story begins with finding this beautiful location. It is 1.8 acres of waterfront with views of Patricia Bay, Mill Bay and farther out to Satellite Channel. After a full year of looking at properties in the Victoria area, with one realtor, and in the Richmond area, with another realtor, we fell in love with this, on one September evening, during our first sunset viewing. Yes, I am indeed fortunate to live where I do.

The View

I live alone here now, in the home we built together, but I am not lonely. Because of the 45 years in love and partnership we spent together, nearly 30 years of them here, evidence of him is all around me. There are memories in pictures to enjoy, a home built to suit our specifications and a garden created together in cooperation. The shrubs and hedges are mature, their nests produce baby birds. I can watch a bald eagle perched on a waterfront tree, as he looks for his dinner. Occasionally I see a peregrine falcon, often I hear the call of a sassy blue jay or raven, and always crows and sea gulls who seem to enjoy my new roof.

            The ocean before me is filled with activity every day. Occasionally porpoises frolic through the bay, always there are seals and river otter to watch. On calm days there are paddle boarders, some with a dog or babe in life jacket along for the ride. Frequently I watch kayakers who appear to appreciate the water as I do. On warm summer days I can, and I do, swim on the incoming tide.


I have so much more to be thankful for. It includes three adult children, each established in their own satisfying career. In these difficult times of staying at home, they are each living on a sizable piece of land they own. There is plenty of worthwhile work to be done without having to leave the property.

            I am most grateful for having three delightfully different grandchildren, whose parents teach and encourage each of them in fields of endeavour and interests they seek. School is at home for now, and that means in addition to the usual daily farm chores at 7:30 AM, each one takes some responsibility for part of the household jobs in order to be ready by 9:00 AM for school to start in their rooms. With a short recess break and a snack and some physical activity, lesson time is usually finished by noon.

            I have every reason to be grateful, with only one current exception. At this time in our ‘unhinged’ world – that’s how it sometimes feels – I cannot travel to be able to hug these young ones. But I do now have their email address and have begun to use it.